Little Jay Music and Play
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Little Jay Music & Play 

Little Jay Music and Play is a 40-minute high energy music class designed for your active toddler. Inspired by my daughter "Little Jay" who has always loved music but struggled to sit still in typical baby/toddler music classes. This class keeps the kiddos moving and engaged as they become the musicians in class. We have xylophones, tambourines, rain sticks, shakers, bells and drums for each child. We have instruments to share and explore (violin, guitar, ukulele, djambe, chimes, cajon, flute, clarinet). Class is full of fun surprises from puppets to balls to a parachute to tunnels and so much more! Our goal is to make learning fun!!



Learning Through Music

This 45-minute-class is an early enrichment class set to music.  Children will learn colors, counting, ABCs, days of the week, seasons and so much more! By incorporating music into the learning process we are training the brain to multi-task (listening to the teacher over the music can later help your child focus in school over the background noise of a class room). Also, music makes learning and the classroom a fun, positive place and is proven to help with memorization.